My journey as a photographer was a natural progression for me. My husband Brian and I have three young children, Stephen, Alison and Sarah. As each child grew they began playing various youth sports. I always enjoyed photography so I started taking action shots at their activities.

Before I knew it I was photographing baseball, football, basketball, softball, cheerleading and swimming. I was able to capture wonderful action photos displaying the youthful emotions, victories, losses and camaraderie of these teammates and friends. As I shared the precious photos with other parents, I began to get requests to take pictures of their children, which I joyfully did as I really had developed a true passion for photography.

A local high school saw my work and asked me to capture those same memorable moments for their senior players. As time went on I began working with other area schools and organizations. I currently provide action shots taken at games and events, as well as individual portraits and team photo packages.

As my business expanded I began photographing Sweet Sixteen’s, Communions, Christenings, birthday parties and other special events. I take both portrait and candid shots which capture the special day and create lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come.